What If isn’t.

I just submitted If to the proofreader. That means it’s officially out of my hands and ready to be loaded soon!

Every time I come out with a new release, I say it’s different from the ones before it. And I mean it. But If is the most different. It’s my first foray into the NA/Contemporary Romance space.

I’ve established that I have a short attention span. As a consumer, I watch many genres of TV and read different genres.

My home is in erotic suspense. It’s the most natural thing for me to write (my head is a fucked up place). But, I have many interests and I love to challenge myself by writing outside of my “safe place.”

Anyway, it’s not really a choice. A story speaks to me and then I write it.

So here is what If isn’t…

– It’s not full of (as in doesn’t have) explicit sex. Yes sex happens. My characters are human. But the heat index is low.

– There are no psychopathic murderers. Or are there? Muahahaha.

– No super alphas. He’s not a pushover either. Ash is a guy with real flaws and real aspirations, but he’s not going to pick anyone up in his personal jet; he’s not going to puff his chest.

– It’s not dark. That doesn’t mean there aren’t difficult or sad topics, just that there are is no blackmailing, kidnapping, dub con, and whatever the hell else constitutes “dark.”

What is If? That, my friends, you will have to find out on March 16th. 😉


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