DEBT is here. It’s time to collect.

So I am officially the worst because I post on my own blog late. LOL.

But DEBT is here and I am already overwhelmed by the response. Something is different about this book. It’s the darkest I have written, and yet it seems to touch a soft spot for many people. There is a vulnerability in all of the characters that seems to speak to many readers. It’s not for everyone. There are parts that are difficult to read, and those parts were just as hard for me to write. Check out the reviews though. I think it will give you a good idea if this is something you want to dive into.

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Exclusive Excerpt from DEBT:

The shower is sobering and panic hits me hard. My chest tightens as I lean against the cold tile and aggressively scrub my skin with a bar of soap. My legs are still jello and I can barely keep myself up. Shivers run up and down my body like aftershocks, reminding me of the intense pleasure at the hands of a man whose name I don’t even know.

My sympathetic nervous system fires on all cylinders, rendering me unable to relax or complete a coherent thought and reducing me to a ball of nervous physical energy.

I don’t know how I feel about anything right now. What I did was stupid, thoughtless, and f*ng crazy. And yet, it was the most insane, erotic, exhilarating and sensual experience of my life. I have never come that hard that many times. I have never just let go the way I did in that living room.

I have never had a man just f*k me like that, with pure lust and physical desire, without either one of us giving a single shit about convention or feelings or propriety. It was rude, vulgar, wrong…immoral. There was no discomfort or awkwardness. Shame did not exist when he took me. But now, alone behind the shower curtain, I couldn’t wash off the fresh coat of shame no matter how much I scrubbed.

My logical mind pulls me back into the present. There is a sexy, but strange man still in my house. I thrust the curtain open and the bathroom is empty. I turn off the shower, wrap myself in a towel, and cautiously step out of the bathroom, dripping wet. The house is still completely dark.

“Hello?” I call out. “Are you still here?”

I tip toe through every room, leaving a trail of water in my wake, remains of a pointless attempt at washing the filth off of my flesh. But it’s too late, he’s already inside of me and under my skin. Despite all the meticulous planning, I sense the irrational threat of danger. I shouldn’t, this guy is a professional. But still, I don’t know him.
I don’t know a single thing about him.

I pace silently from one empty room to the next, ending up in the living room. A chair is on its side, a lamp turned over, the rug is crumpled, my tattered clothes are in a heap, the adjoining kitchen floor is a mess of food and Tupperware.

Then I realize that just as quickly as Stranger swooped into my life…

He is gone.