Help please :)

DEBT is only a couple of weeks away, and I have some updates:

1) I have a celebration on Facebook on release day. This time though, a fellow author who has a release on the same date will be hosting as well (J.L. Beck)! This means double the fun, prizes…double¬†everything! So, please join us. I am so excited about this book, I truly feel it’s my best work to date. Party is here!¬†

2) I was so grateful and overwhelmed by the response to the reader cover reveal for DEBT. So, I am hosting something similar for release day! This time, there will be THREE different winners selected from participants as a token of my appreciation.

Details are at the link below.
Sign up here!

Early reviewers are coming through from bloggers who have advanced copies. For now, it’s all on Goodreads, since of course the vendors won’t have reviews until the book is up.