unSTRAPPED is here!

Finally, the conclusion to the Strapped Series is LIVE! You can grab it here on Amazon. I am still waiting on BN/Kobo.

And if you are new to the series, you can get started for .99c! 


Pigmented only unSTRAPPED Kindle

One thought on “unSTRAPPED is here!

  1. Dear Ms Nina,

    I have to take a deep breath, as where to begin, and what to say about “Debt” Nah, not altogether true, because I could say how bloody marvellous and truly wonderful it was. And it was. But I would rather have a little moan, No! No! No! In honour of Mia, I am going to “Beg” instead. And Ms Nina, I am indeed begging you. Please, Please, Please. Do one of those little 1.5 thingy, where you give us, just a little bit more of Tax, and Mia.

    I know that she wakes up from her sad dream and he is there gently rubbing her scar as she so hoped he would. But bloody hell, Ms Nina, I need more of the dirty little pair living out their HEA, and to see if the remaining ovaries, can produce a little T&M. And I so hope it can.

    I was also thinking, I wonder what would have happened if when Mia, came out the bathroom after discovering she was pregnant with the pregnancy stick, and Jude saw it. I think she would have been so overjoyed to know that Tax, was going to be a father, and that would have helped to heal her broken mind. And then that would have been a whole new outcome with poor Jude not having to die. Hey-ho.

    Call me old fashion, but I am a love junkie all round.

    Your book was a joy to read and I thank you.

    Jenny from across the pond, here in the UK.

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