Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel, Strapped 3 and thangs

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post and it’s been a great one! I have been feverishly writing GRS and doing page takeovers to spread the word about my work. Strapped and Strapped down have consistently remained in the top 10-20 of Erotic Thrillers/Mysteries and Top 100 of Erotic Suspense on Amazon. When I hit “publish” on Strapped about 7 months ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really know how to go about promoting and such, but I dove in head first and it has been an exciting ride!

So here is where I am with everything: I just finished the first draft of GRS and will be revisiting the book to mull over it a gazillion times. It is such a departure from the Strapped series. I would say if you felt like you needed to take a “Crying Game” shower after Strapped and Strapped Down, this book is the perfect soul-cleanser. It’s light, funny, sassy, and smokin’ hot and I am really proud of it. GRS is scheduled to release on June 15th.Something tells me it will still be snowing then.

Now I pretty much get messages daily about Strapped 3 (yet to be named) and when the hell is that coming. I was actually going to write another book after GRS before getting to S3 (don’t throw your shoe at me), but I have decided to push it up. So once GRS is complete, I will be moving to finishing the Strapped series. And yes, your questions will be answered such as: – Who was the man in the leather suit? – What the fuck is up with Taylor’s mom? In fact, what the fuck in general? – Is Taylor the good guy or the bad guy? – And much, much more! Here’s a little taste of Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel:

This time it was me who jumped. Have you ever watched those NatGeo videos? The ones from the African bush, where the camera man sits in silence waiting for the lioness to jump at the antelope? Yeah, that’s basically what happened. He fell off the seat and landed on the floor of the limo, with me on top of him. I think for a moment he wondered if I was trying to fuck him or fuck him up.

OXOX ~ Nina G.