What a month!

So as most of you know, I released Strapped Down on February 1st and the reaction was far more than I ever anticipated.

The series has consistently stayed in the top 20 for Erotic Mystery and Thrillers and Amazon and the top 100 Suspense since the sequel was released. I have mainly relied on world of mouth and a few facebook pages such as WTRAFSOG and Kafe Korner to spread the word. Most of this was because I didn’t want to push until I had at least two books in the series for those who hate cliffhangers. Although, now seeing the reaction, I am really motivated to get out there more and interact with readers and bloggers and promote. I am not big on pointing attention to myself, and I am actually pretty introverted, so this decision was against my nature. However, the community of readers and bloggers has been so welcoming that I regret I didn’t do it sooner. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on page takeover and online author events. You poor bastards. 

I hit a stride with GRS, and I hope to release it in mid-late June. I am really excited about this book. Writing Strapped has been a great joy, but also very difficult. For those who have read it, it is a roller-coaster and has a dense plot. They have been draining to write mentally and emotionally. GRS is my way of recalibrating and refueling to get to the third installment of the Strapped series. I want to make that conclusion very satisfying for those who have followed the series and will do so in the future.

Back to GRS, can I tell you that I am gushing over writing these characters? I had an idea of what I was going to write, and it was going to be much darker and kind of me thumbing my nose to romance and love. Buuut, then I fell in love as I started writing it, and you can’t deny true love, can you? So what I have so far is funny, sassy, sarcastic, lovable assholes who are putting me through the ringer: making me laugh, roll my eyes, get all hot under the collar, and even breaking my heart (I just wrote that scene ~le sigh~).

This book will be a standalone and as a result I will be planning on heavier promotion of it. I hope those of you who read my other works will fall in love with this book and if you would do me the honor, spread the word about it as I share new developments.


Nina G.


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