The Last Line of Strapped Down

So I am just starting to hear from people who have finished the book and a common thought is: what does that last line of the book mean?

Don’t worry if you haven’t read it yet, it won’t spoil any plot, but if you want the WTF moment people seem to have you might want to stop here and come back later.

“Listen to me now and hear me later!” Oh and Patrick Swayze, because who doesn’t love Patrick Swayze?

Anyway, the last line:

“He is infected.”

What does it mean?

Don’t worry Taylor doesn’t have crabs or anything like that!

Some of you may have picked up on it right away, or at least got the vibe, but it is specifically a callback to Strapped.

“I have been in love, but this is more than that, this consumes my entire being. This is more than love. I am infatuated. I am possessed. I am bitten. I am sick. He has infected me.

I am infected.” -Shyla Ball, Strapped

I am going to leave that there for you to digest and see how it reflects to the last line/scene of Strapped Down. But now you know why that word was specifically used.


~ Nina G.


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