Strapped Down is here!

The big day is finally here! Strapped Down is available on Amazon!

Copy of BW Hands Tied OL Tri Final

I don’t know what to say without giving anything away other than this book answers so many questions that were left unanswered in Strapped. Like its namesake, you will have to strap yourself down for this crazy ride with these two very twisted lovebirds.

This installment is very exciting for me because this were I really wanted to head when I started this series. The first book was an introduction to these characters and their blossoming relationship, but Strapped Down is really where the meat and potatoes is, where they begin to understand more about their relationship and the consequences of their decisions.

For your mental health, this one does NOT have a cliffhanger. I am not as sadistic as Taylor 😉

As of now, it’s only available as a kindle ebook, but I’ll be adding it to B&N this weekend as well. I’m only releasing it as an ebook now because I wanted to get it out as fast as possible and my readers overwhelmingly read ebooks anyway.

I always get nervous releasing my books, so I would love to know what you think upon completion by posting to social media channels or reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. It makes me a little less neurotic.


Nina G.


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