What a month!

So as most of you know, I released Strapped Down on February 1st and the reaction was far more than I ever anticipated.

The series has consistently stayed in the top 20 for Erotic Mystery and Thrillers and Amazon and the top 100 Suspense since the sequel was released. I have mainly relied on world of mouth and a few facebook pages such as WTRAFSOG and Kafe Korner to spread the word. Most of this was because I didn’t want to push until I had at least two books in the series for those who hate cliffhangers. Although, now seeing the reaction, I am really motivated to get out there more and interact with readers and bloggers and promote. I am not big on pointing attention to myself, and I am actually pretty introverted, so this decision was against my nature. However, the community of readers and bloggers has been so welcoming that I regret I didn’t do it sooner. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on page takeover and online author events. You poor bastards. 

I hit a stride with GRS, and I hope to release it in mid-late June. I am really excited about this book. Writing Strapped has been a great joy, but also very difficult. For those who have read it, it is a roller-coaster and has a dense plot. They have been draining to write mentally and emotionally. GRS is my way of recalibrating and refueling to get to the third installment of the Strapped series. I want to make that conclusion very satisfying for those who have followed the series and will do so in the future.

Back to GRS, can I tell you that I am gushing over writing these characters? I had an idea of what I was going to write, and it was going to be much darker and kind of me thumbing my nose to romance and love. Buuut, then I fell in love as I started writing it, and you can’t deny true love, can you? So what I have so far is funny, sassy, sarcastic, lovable assholes who are putting me through the ringer: making me laugh, roll my eyes, get all hot under the collar, and even breaking my heart (I just wrote that scene ~le sigh~).

This book will be a standalone and as a result I will be planning on heavier promotion of it. I hope those of you who read my other works will fall in love with this book and if you would do me the honor, spread the word about it as I share new developments.


Nina G.


Oh Henry!


Too easy :)

Too easy 🙂


The main thing I am gleaning from the responses to Strapped Down is that there are questions. Of course some of these questions are meant to be answered in book 3, but in writing this book I also wanted the reader to ask themselves questions and come to their own conclusions using information provided within the book.

Now I am no James Joyce or Mark Twain, but I think you can have smut AND a book that makes you search your thoughts after putting it down. That was my goal with this book: to take some common tropes, but twist them around a bit. After all, you are reading this from Shyla’s perspective and learning new information as it comes to her. She is not omnipotent and as a character, she too is searching for answers. You are joining her for this ride, and that often means having limited answers as she does.

So my last post was about the last line of the book and its possible meaning(s). Now I want to touch on another common question/thought I have seen in some reviews and heard in reader comments.

What’s up with the Lizzy/Henry/Kristen scenario? 

I think the most appropriate question is: what is the meaning of that scene/storyline?

For me, writing about Shyla and Taylor’s friends was a way to put a mirror up to Shyla and Taylor’s relationship. For one, Lizzy is older and further along in her life career-wise and now she is ready for a child. This forces Shyla to think about her future in a concrete way and confront Taylor about it. Shyla has pretty much been flying by the seat of her pants and this is really the first time she and Taylor have talked about the business of planning a “normal” life together.

At the same time, we see that Lizzy’s intense individualism and career path has made it difficult for her to find someone to settle down with. Lizzy and Henry are best friends with the possibility of something more, but Lizzy understands that Henry has some serious faults and trying to change him comes with serious consequences.

“They’re caught in a paradox, he loves her because she won’t be with him because she loves him the way he is.”-Taylor, Strapped Down

Contrast Lizzy to Shyla, who is trying to start a new job, but calling in sick, running out for “family emergencies”, and the like because this is what life with Taylor requires. And while she will not force children on Taylor, she is hoping he may change his mind. So Lizzy is fiercely independent, but alone and Shyla has always had a companion but her career seems to have come second to the man in her life.

Now Kristin finally has the nice guy after a history of lemons. She is “that girl” who always wants the bad boys, but rarely do the bad boys make good boyfriends/husbands. So now she has to start rethinking her relationship strategies. She seems to be switching places with Shlya who had “nice guy” Rick up until months before. When faced with the choice of pursuing Henry (bad boy) or Chad (nice guy), Shyla tells her to go with Chad.

Now my recommendation is to go back to Shyla’s conversations revolving around this issue and imagine Shyla talking to herself instead of Henry.

 “Guys like Henry don’t change. They never do.” – Shyla to Kristen in Strapped Down.

“He is a dead end. You need to stop trying to go after the guys who you think you can save.” -Shyla to Kristen.

We also get some clues from Henry about who Taylor was before Shyla came along, how isolated he was. Shyla only saw a very brief glimpse of that because she brought Taylor out of his shell pretty quickly. It serves a reminder about the severity of Taylor’s deep-seated issues relating to people and how invested he is in Shyla. He functions completely differently now that he has her in his life. Shyla has referred to Taylor as a “drug” but, Shyla is Taylor’s drug too, far better than any anti-anxiety medication he has ever taken before. Taylor is Shyla’s crack (or E, heehee) and Shyla is Taylor’s Xanax…haha!

So all in all, yes this is a subplot, but really this mini-triangle scene/storyline is all about relationships, and where our characters fit in the spectrum. Most importantly, it forces Shyla and Taylor who are passionately in the present to consider their futures together.

Alright, I’ll shut up about this now 😉


– Nina G.

The Last Line of Strapped Down

So I am just starting to hear from people who have finished the book and a common thought is: what does that last line of the book mean?

Don’t worry if you haven’t read it yet, it won’t spoil any plot, but if you want the WTF moment people seem to have you might want to stop here and come back later.

“Listen to me now and hear me later!” Oh and Patrick Swayze, because who doesn’t love Patrick Swayze?

Anyway, the last line:

“He is infected.”

What does it mean?

Don’t worry Taylor doesn’t have crabs or anything like that!

Some of you may have picked up on it right away, or at least got the vibe, but it is specifically a callback to Strapped.

“I have been in love, but this is more than that, this consumes my entire being. This is more than love. I am infatuated. I am possessed. I am bitten. I am sick. He has infected me.

I am infected.” -Shyla Ball, Strapped

I am going to leave that there for you to digest and see how it reflects to the last line/scene of Strapped Down. But now you know why that word was specifically used.


~ Nina G.

Strapped Down is here!

The big day is finally here! Strapped Down is available on Amazon!

Copy of BW Hands Tied OL Tri Final

I don’t know what to say without giving anything away other than this book answers so many questions that were left unanswered in Strapped. Like its namesake, you will have to strap yourself down for this crazy ride with these two very twisted lovebirds.

This installment is very exciting for me because this were I really wanted to head when I started this series. The first book was an introduction to these characters and their blossoming relationship, but Strapped Down is really where the meat and potatoes is, where they begin to understand more about their relationship and the consequences of their decisions.

For your mental health, this one does NOT have a cliffhanger. I am not as sadistic as Taylor 😉

As of now, it’s only available as a kindle ebook, but I’ll be adding it to B&N this weekend as well. I’m only releasing it as an ebook now because I wanted to get it out as fast as possible and my readers overwhelmingly read ebooks anyway.

I always get nervous releasing my books, so I would love to know what you think upon completion by posting to social media channels or reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. It makes me a little less neurotic.


Nina G.