State of Strapped Down and Other Stuffs


I hope everyone survived the polar vortex. I barely did. I made the mistake of going to Chicago on day 2 of said vortex. Then getting lost on foot after my phone froze. It literally froze. It said “I quit bitch. You are on your own.” Then it shut off and would not turn on again until after sitting in a warm building for 20 minutes. I wore cute boots for once this winter instead of my industrial boots figuring I would be outside for 5-minutes tops, but then when I got lost, I ended up on these shitty streets that were not shoveled. I should mention my husband was with me, and then everything became his fault in my desperate mind. The fact that no one bothered to shovel the streets was directly due to something he did (not sure what, but that’s what I was feeling at the time). I started getting so effin’ angry because my eyeball fluids were beginning to freeze and what was supposed to be a five minute walk became a 15-minute ordeal trudging in the snow with gusts of wind that were directly transplanted from the NORTH FUCKING POLE.

I don’t care if you’ve seen this meme 1000000x, it’s going right here.

Anyways, we found a building and hung out in the lobby until we could think straight again and decided to cut our losses and take a cab. By they way, being from NYC originally, there is something about Chicago cabbies, they are so damned nice. They ask you what music you would like to hear and I’ve even had mini parties with my friends in these cabs. A great bunch.

Where was I? Oh yes, I survived and apparently we might see the Northern Lights up here tonight!

Now back to the matter at hand…Strapped Down! It’s coming! February 1st! Hold on to your chonies.

I just finished reading it over after a break from it…these characters are going to take you on a ride. And let’s just say there is something I will forever refer to as the “gun scene.” You’ll see. 

I’ll be posting teasers on the Facebook page and twitter (if characters allow) for the month leading up to release.

Special Teaser quote right here for you:

“I’m sorry I hurt you,” I say to him as he passes through the threshold.

“Don’t worry. You’re not the first woman to do that to me. I’ll be fine.”


Nina G.


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