Strapped Down First Draft Completed!

I just finished the first draft of Strapped Down on Friday. I am really excited to revise and refine and get it off to my beta readers so that I can get it in readers’ hands as quickly as possible.

Strapped Down will answer many of the questions from Strapped, and this second book will not end in a cliffhanger, although there will be a third and final installment in this series.

Here is a quote from Strapped Down:

“Well then, tread carefully. The kind of love you have is only written about in books. It is born from pain. It is a painful love that often comes at the expense of a great tragedy. All sense evaporates within its heat. And nothing that intense lasts forever.” – Randall Holden (Taylor’s father!), Strapped Down

Description for Strapped Down:

The much anticipated second installment of the Strapped Trilogy, Strapped Down picks up where the first installment concluded.

Eric is not going down without a fight, but Shyla and Taylor are willing to go to equally dark lengths to make him pay for his betrayal. In their quest to seek revenge and find happiness, deeply guarded secrets from their pasts begin to surface, revealing they are linked to each other in ways they could never have imagined.

For every secret they uncover, another seems to surface as they find themselves raveled in a web that extends much further than the confines of the darkroom. As Shyla and Taylor become more entwined with each other, she learns that Taylor’s dark side is far more dangerous than she believed. Will Shyla continue to follow Taylor into the darkness, or is he far too gone for her light to shine through?

And because shit, why not?

And because shit, why not? David Gandy as Taylor Holden



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