Time to add some visuals!

I intentionally left images of faces from Strapped’s cover because I want people to create their own image of what Taylor, Shyla and the rest of the gang look like.

That being said, I, just like any reader to have an image (of course I do, how else could I create a description?). So that being said, I have been on the hunt to find an actor or a model who closest fits what Taylor looks like in my mind’s eye. I think I may have found him. Again, Taylor is a unique looking person in my mind, but this might be the closest person yet. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, David Gandy.


Jesus, Mary, and Jerome he is smokin’! He even does the whole crooked smile thing. I think he has the perfect mix of good looks, but also a little rough, not too pretty. I also have someone for Eric, but I’m going to save that one for another post.

*Tried to find original source to credit, but couldn’t.

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