Halfway through Book 2!

So, yesterday I passed the 50k word count on book 2! Strapped was about 119k words, so even though I don’t know exactly how long this book will be, this feels about halfway.

Some really intense stuff happens at this point of the book, so I have been writing ferociously. The dishes don’t get cleaned, laundry gets backed up, and I start to fuse to my chair.  I love writing these intense scenes. I wish there was a hidden camera because you would see me making the facial expressions of my characters, mouthing dialogue to myself, taking deep sighs, fanning myself, or shaking my head. Half of the time I don’t even realize I am doing any of the until I catch myself or turn to see my husband staring at me like I’ve lost my mind!

I also believe I have settled on a name, but I put it in a ziplock bag to let it marinate for a while before releasing it to the world.

This is of course the first draft, to be revised by me several times before it goes to the beta readers, but it is the craziest part for me, because while I have a vague outlines, I let the stories unfold as I write them, so I am often just as surprised as readers are when certain scenes happen! Hence, my exasperated reactions.

Oh and here’s a quote to stoke your appetite:

“I want to be a good guy Shy, but you make me want to do bad things. Now bend over for me.”


Nina G.


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