Quote from Strapped

When we arrive on our floor we head to our rooms, politely bidding each other goodnight. Just as I am about to enter mine, I remember I have his jacket. I can use this to have just one more moment with him tonight. I knock on his door, his lips slightly open when he sees me on the other side.


“You forgot your jacket.” It is still on my shoulders. I turn around to offer it up to him.


“Thank you Shy,” As he says this he takes both of his hands, grabbing each shoulder of the jacket and oh so slowly pulls it off of me, grazing my bare arms and back as he pulls it off. I close my eyes taking in his touch. Each caress of his fingertips feels like one thousand little sparks. How can just the faintest touch from this man set me off like this? Please kiss me. Kiss my neck. I won’t say no. I hold my position for a second more than I should, but it feels so tortuously long. There is nothing, not another touch, not a kiss. I turn to face him again and bid him goodnight. His face looks sad, almost guilty. Every word, every touch, every action tonight was an implication. This keeps us safe from one another. It keeps me safe from him.


“Goodnight Shy,” he says as if dismissing me from his presence.


“Goodnight Taylor.”


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Hey there,

I wanted to highlight my Facebook page because that’s where I do more of my day-to-day updates and small talk with readers. If you could make a stop there and “like” the page, it’s a great way to get the scoop on the upcoming launch of the novel. After that, it will also be a great place to ask questions or discuss characters once the book is out.

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Cover Reveal!

I am late to my own cover reveal. That’s because I was so excited checking out all the great book review blogs that shared it. The response to the cover has been A-MA-ZING. Thanks to my friend Mijal, for bringing my vision to life mixed with her ridiculous typography skills.

Here she is!


Isn’t it sexy and mysterious, yet modern?

If you need design work, check out Mijal’s website. She does like a million other things as well.