Okay so big DEBT news.

1) DEBT is on sale for the first time! Only 99c. It’s been $4.99 since the day it released, so now’s the time to grab it if you haven’t yet.



2) I know I said DEBT was a standalone. And it IS. It’s a complete story. Buuut, I am writing another novel, BlaME. This time it’s Rex’s story! This books spans before and after the events of DEBT, so I’m calling it a SPREquel. All your favorite characters from DEBT will make an appearance, but it’s really Rex, Tiff and Jude’s story.

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Blame announcement






Swelter has officially been out for a week and I am thrilled with the response. It’s holding strong at 4.8 stars on Amazon, though it’s not the stars but the reactions I am most excited about. This book hits people in a special way. If you haven’t met Lilly, Bobby, and Rory, I suggest you give them a shot.

If you have hang ups about certain themes, I suggest you put your preconceived notions aside because this book is so much more than any one theme. These characters and their situation is complex.

It is now up on all major platforms!


Amazon UK

41tc+l09w-L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Here are just some reviews:

“This has to be, probably one of the best books I have ever read. Nina G. Jones is an amazing writer. She somehow takes taboo, depraved and unconventional issues and makes it into this grand story that has you reeling inside.” – Goodreads Review

“Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, heartbreakingly sad and lasciviously sexy!” – Blushing Babes Book Reviews

“The writing is sublime, I really can’t compare it to anyone or anything, it is such a tightly woven story paced to absolute perfection.” – The Book Sirens


I married the right brother.

If is LIVE!

If is a special story for me. There are many themes in it that are dear to my heart. I hope the story of Ash and Bird touches your heart in the same way it did mine. – Nina

If Cover

Read what some people are calling the most beautiful novel they have read all year!


Still waiting on iTunes and Kobo to go live.

What If isn’t.

I just submitted If to the proofreader. That means it’s officially out of my hands and ready to be loaded soon!

Every time I come out with a new release, I say it’s different from the ones before it. And I mean it. But If is the most different. It’s my first foray into the NA/Contemporary Romance space.

I’ve established that I have a short attention span. As a consumer, I watch many genres of TV and read different genres.

My home is in erotic suspense. It’s the most natural thing for me to write (my head is a fucked up place). But, I have many interests and I love to challenge myself by writing outside of my “safe place.”

Anyway, it’s not really a choice. A story speaks to me and then I write it.

So here is what If isn’t…

– It’s not full of (as in doesn’t have) explicit sex. Yes sex happens. My characters are human. But the heat index is low.

– There are no psychopathic murderers. Or are there? Muahahaha.

– No super alphas. He’s not a pushover either. Ash is a guy with real flaws and real aspirations, but he’s not going to pick anyone up in his personal jet; he’s not going to puff his chest.

– It’s not dark. That doesn’t mean there aren’t difficult or sad topics, just that there are is no blackmailing, kidnapping, dub con, and whatever the hell else constitutes “dark.”

What is If? That, my friends, you will have to find out on March 16th. 😉

If Cover Reveal

This book is different from anything I have written before. There’s no X-rated activity, but I think if you enjoy my writing style, you will fall in love with these characters.

A tortured artist. A dancer trying to make her dreams come true despite a facial disfigurement. A secret (or several). But what was really fun about writing this was describing the world as the hero saw it. It is full of magic and whimsy and is otherworldly. I don’t want to give away why though.

If Cover


Genre: New Adult/Romance

Release Date: March 16th

Someone hadn’t scarred my face.
I hadn’t followed my dreams to LA.
That tweaker hadn’t attacked that homeless guy.
I hadn’t invited a stranger over for Thanksgiving.
I hadn’t fallen in love.

If I hadn’t lost him.
I hadn’t gone for that drive.
I saw the world like everyone else.
My “genius” wasn’t slowly destroying me.
I had just walked away before I could ever know her.
She hadn’t ignited the spark.

If the spark didn’t ignite the madness.



“Let’s start with something simple. How about a tree, in the fall, so you can play with color?”

She smiled. “That sounds perfect.”

“Okay, we’re going to use acrylic because if you make a mistake, you can paint over it as soon as it dries.”

“Oh ye of little faith,” she said, coming over to stand in front of me at the easel. She was so close, I could feel her warmth even though we weren’t touching. The pale glow that surrounded her now grazed me.

I squeezed out green and white and showed her how to mix for the right shade. Then I told her to lay down short, staccato thrusts, but her swipes were, frankly, juvenile and clunky.

“No, see, you are trying to draw the tree. You just need to focus on the leaf, and then pull that back to how the light hits the leaf because a leaf, even a leaf that you just see as green, is many shades of green.”

“And this is why I’m a dancer,” Bird said.

“Here,” I said, grabbing some of the brush handle from behind, “let me guide you.” It was a mistake. Her lavender scent grew strong, and I could smell her fruity shampoo on top of it, and the curves of her behind pressed against my pelvis. The heat rolled down my neck, and to my fingertips, and even though I was holding wood, I felt the warmth of the coziest blanket rubbing against them.

“Okay,” she said in barely a whisper. Her voice moved in transparent cerulean and seafoam wavelengths in my line of sight.

I slid my hands up the edge of the brush, so my hand was over her delicate hand. And shit, I am only a man and I just wanted her so bad. But, I focused on the empty sheet on the easel.

“So you start soft, tentative, until you find a rhythm.” My words were barely a breeze against her ear. “Just relax.” I gently guided her hand and she let me take over. I used the hand of my muse to fill the canvas with strokes of green. “This will be the foundation, but soon we’ll fill it with browns and oranges, even pinks.”

“We? You’re doing all the work, but I like it that way,” she said, almost woozily, as if she were in the same trance as me. She leaned back, resting her head against the front of my shoulder. My heart thudded so hard, I was afraid she would feel it. I guided her hand to a cup of water and she dropped the brush. But I didn’t let go. I didn’t want to let go, and I don’t think she wanted me to either.

“Let’s come back to this, we can work on it a little each day,” she said, turning her palm up so she could thread her fingers into mine. The heat was everywhere, like a warm rush of water, lulling me to do whatever the hell she wanted.

“Now, I show you how to dance.” She turned, using my hand, and then she was facing me. Her skin radiated through tiny freckles on her cheeks and nose.

The next song on the album played. “I love this song,” Bird said, pulling me to the open floor in front of the record player as “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” began to play.

“There’s only one way to dance to a song like this,” she said, stepping in close, guiding my hands to her waist, as she wrapped hers around my neck.

There was too much. A kaleidoscope of lilting colors, the strong scent of lavender, a sweet taste like nectar, the blooming warmth rushing through my body.

I am only a man.





DEBT has exploded in a way I had never anticipated. It’s thrilling, and honestly for me, a little nerve-wracking. It’s the kind of thing I dreamed of when I first published Strapped a year and four months ago: releasing a book that people buzz about. And now it’s happening and I don’t know what to do with myself! LOL.

Anyway, I have been getting a lot of messages. So I figured the best way to address the most common one would be in a blog post: What’s next?

I always intended for DEBT to be a standalone. After writing the long trilogy that is Strapped, I just want to be able to switch from one project to the next. I have so many ideas, and they aren’t all in the same genre. That’s what keeps me fresh, it makes my writing improve. I don’t want to be formulaic as far as putting out the same type of book over and over. I would get bored and lose my passion. I have a very shitty attention span that way. So as soon as I outlined DEBT, I put everything into this one book and I already had others waiting to be written. I still feel that way.

(You might want to stop here if you want to go 100% blind into DEBT.)

I made a decision to end DEBT the way I did. This was the story of the past and present converging to the very spot they end in the book. They end up where they will always inevitably end up, back with each other, for better or for worse. As a reader, I am not a fan of detailed endings that go out into the future and give you a summary of their future lives. As a result, I very rarely write them because I write what I like to read. I know that makes me an outlier, but that’s how I write. To write some picket fence future for Tax and Mia would not be in line with the life they will have to face. Their futures will be complex, not something I could even sum up in an epilogue or novella. And I just want to leave them in their moment of tearful and joyous reunion. That is where I wanted to say goodbye to the characters and their story. They now have each other and will sure as hell need each other to face the pain they have both endured.

Now, I’m not saying never, because I could have a moment of inspiration in the shower and suddenly I am writing a related book.

For now, I will be moving on to my next project which is nothing like DEBT, or Strapped, or GRS. I’ll be posting the title and blurb soon!

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